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Star Metal has proven track record of delivering significant and often complex architectural metalwork packages to schedule and to a high standard.

Louvres and Solar Screens have become recognized as a sustainable way to reduce heating and cooling costs and a great way to control the climate in a building. In commercial and architectural uses, louvres can also offer an attractive design solution for ventilation and protection for plant and equipment.

Star Metal’s architecturally designed external ventilation louvres, architectural screens, and aluminium facade solutions combine innovation with practicality, adding a striking feature to your building. 

Louvres are highly aerodynamic, durable and maintenance free, introducing diffused daylight into your building – creating uniform and consistent lighting, and maximising natural light as the primary source of illumination.

The Star Metal suite of louvres are custom designed to suit specific applications.

The diversity of louvre products in our range, provides versatile solutions for;

  • high rise residential
  • multi-story commercial structures
  • industrial applications,
  • residential homes
  • government and public buildings
Perth louvres

These louvre solutions offer a variety of size, shape, material and finish options – to meet your project specifications. Star Metal’s suite of louvre products offer a range of alternatives where the optimisation of airflow, louvre depth, screening, and water/pest protection, are required to assist you find the ideal solution. Our product range includes an array of metal louvres including aluminium/steel louvres, external slatted screening, architectural sunshade louvres and grilles and a variety of elliptical, rectangular and a range of solar screening blades.

Most blade lengths can be accommodated to meet your design intent, with the majority of fixed blade louvres able to be extruded up to 8m.   Longer custom lengths may be possible depending on the respective product.


Louvres bring a stunning design element to your building, lifting the architectural aesthetic while also providing natural ventilation, sun protection, privacy screening and rain ingress protection.

Star Metal offers SIX louvre systems each with benefits and features suited to the application. To help you work out which louvre system best fits your project follow the following feature icons.

  • Protection

Rain ingress protection louvres are designed to stop wind-driven rain entering a building, while still allowing the passage of air for natural ventilation. A score of 1/5 will deliver the lowest level rain protection, with 5/5 the highest level of protection.

  • Airflow

Ventilation louvres offer superior airflow, these products can be used in areas where occasional water ingress is a minor concern. A score of 1/5 will deliver the lowest level of ventilation, with 5/5 the highest level of ventilation.

  • Screening

Screening louvres can create a stunning architectural façade that creates a dramatic (and durable) finish to your building. Alternatively, they can provide privacy screening, or screen unsightly plant and mechanical equipment.  A score of 1/5 will deliver the lowest level of screening, with 5/5 the highest level of screening protection.

  • Blocks UV

Sun protection louvres are designed as a natural sun shading system. They help buildings stay cool as well as create a stunning modern exterior. Importantly, when installed in exterior applications, louvres can significantly reduce energy consumption, particularly for those buildings that rely on air conditioning in hot WA climates.  A score of 1/5 will deliver the lowest level of solar screening, with 5/5 the highest level of solar screening protection.

With architecturally engineered airflow, water and sun protection capabilities, the applications for Star Metal’s bespoke louvre solutions are endless.

  • Government Buildings
  • Industrial warehouses
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Substation
  • Mechanical services
  • Education facilities – schools, universities
  • Cooling towers
  • Carparks
  • Hotels
  • Apartment buildings
  • Office blocks
  • Hospitals
  • Mining plants
  • Processing buildings
  • Shopping centres

Star Metal’s wide variety of architectural and industrial louvre and screening systems are manufactured from corrosion resistant mill finish aluminium and supplied with a powder coated or anodised finish to any standard RAL or anodised colour range – depending on project requirements.

Our louvre systems are available with a range of standard perimeter flashings to ensure a full and complete weathered interface with the building structure.

All louvres are designed and manufactured to meet relevant Australian Standards and Building Codes of Australia.

Base Metal options

Aluminium – a lower cost option, lower weight, and easier to maintain. Also doesn’t rust or corrode, suitable for most environments, particularly suited to harsh coastal environments.

Galvanised steel – has a coat of zinc for corrosion resistance and extra durability. Stronger than aluminium but by nature of the material is not suited to harsh coastal environments.

Powder coat

Colours can be chosen from all leading powder manufacturers.

Super Durable Polyester Thermosetting Powder Coating to comply with Australian Standard AS 3715, AAMA 2603 and AAMA 2604

Guaranteed performance on appropriately pre-treated aluminium and steel with excellent colour retention, super durable finish and on-trend anodised flat finish.


Anodising is the process of forming a protective coating of aluminium oxide on the surface of aluminium. It is an electrochemical process that transforms the metal surface into a decorative, durable, corrosion-resistant, anodic oxide finish.

To ensure ongoing and long life protection of the anodised surface, wash down anodised aluminium with warm water containing a suitable wetting agent or with mild soap solution. Hand rubbing is often used for small work for larger projects utensils such as fibre brushes may be more practical.

More difficult grime deposits may require the use of a mild abrasive such as pumice powder and water. Where greasy deposits are concerned, cleaning may require a soft cloth dipped in white spirits.

It is necessary to thoroughly rinse with water after cleaning especially where crevices are present to ensure removal of all residues.

Cleaning requirements will range from monthly to six monthly intervals according to application and environment that the surface is exposed to. The aim of the cleaning operation should be the removal of grime deposited without damage to anodised coating.


Hot dip galvanizing is the process of immersing clean steel into molten zinc to obtain a coating that is metallurgically bonded to it. The process provides long term corrosion protection for steel and iron products.

Timber grain

An Aluminium product that has the look of timber. Timber grain is a textured woodgrain finish for aluminium windows, doors, decks, fences, screens, cladding, shutters, louvres, gates, facades and more. Images of timber grain are transferred into the powder coating, ensuring absolute photographic precision.

  • Bird mesh
  • Insect mesh
  • Perforated mesh
  • Security screen
  • Blanking plates
  • Mitred corners

Star Metal stands by the products we manufacture and install.

We provide a standard 5-year warranty on materials and finishes, with a 5-year installation warranty from the date of installation.

Did you know that we also provide end-to-end delivery of a wide range of industrial metalwork projects?

Our expertise includes electrical switchboard cabinets, playground equipment components, a diverse architectural metalwork scope within commercial construction, sophisticated perforating capability, and general custom metalwork.

Star Metal has the depth of project experience on diverse projects with which to help you:

Identify the areas of cost reduction within your project.

Provide pre-fabrication advice to save time and materials…. because we know what works.

Provide advice on design & enable virtual walkthrough of 3D model prior to manufacture.

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