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Star Metal’s stunning frameless balustrading is open, minimalist and with clean lines, bringing maximum view and light into your space. With unobstructed views of your surroundings you can showcase your glass panels without the intrusion of a structural frame.

This popular product includes thicker glass for structural integrity and long-term durability. Whether indoor or outdoor, these glass balustrades allow for the free flow of light, expanding and opening a room without obstructing your view.

We offer a wide range of design accessories to suit your style though we are able to supply bespoke engineering and flexible design to adapt to virtually any need.

Orion - Spigot / Bracket mounted glass

Star Metal’s most popular Frameless Balustrading system; Orion offers a near uninterrupted view with minimal visual obstruction.

The view is the key feature, with many of our oceanfront or riverside properties opting for this system. Manufactured from durable and corrosion resistant materials, Orion is designed to withstand harsh coastal and UV environments. 

Typical design features include:

  • The use of high quality marine grade 316 stainless steel brackets for glass mounting – whether from the floor or side mounted on a balcony or stairway
  • Floor mounted installations include streamlined spigots, with classic styling and engineered for each project 
  • Star Metal can provide advice on spigot suitability and spacing to achieve the required visual aesthetic, whilst maintaining compliance with Australian Standards and safety regulations

Pegasus - Channel mounted glass

Channel or face fixed – Pegasus boasts the most unobstructed view available and is Star Metal’s premium Frameless Balustrading System where the view is the star. Watch the sunset with the feel of nothing between you and the horizon. Using the highest marine grade stainless steel available, this product is suitable for all environments including harsh coastal locations.

Typical features include:

  • Our expert team can advise on the most suitable face or top fixed solution for your project.
  • Options for engineered solutions to eliminate handrail requirements – this may require specially designed glass mounted in an engineered channel
  • No vertical obstruction

Omega - Wall mounted glass, planar fixed

Similar to Orion, this Frameless Balustrading System is useful when face mounting to a nib or low height wall. Omega offers a near uninterrupted view with minimal obstruction visible. The view is the key feature, with many of our ocean front or river side properties opting for the Omega System. Using the highest marine grade steel available, Omega is suitable for all environments including harsh coastal locations.

Customisable for project requirements, typical features of the Omega balustrade include:

  • Use of high-quality marine grade 316 stainless steel brackets to mount the glass (side-mounted)
  • Can be side or face-mounted
  • Different mounting brackets profiles available (square and round)
  • No vertical obstructions
Our experienced team can assist in design and engineering to select the balustrade solution which best complements your project

Powder coated

Carefully remove any loose surface deposits with a wet sponge. Use a soft brush (non-abrasive) and a dilute solution of a mild detergent, e.g., pH-neutral liquid hand dishwashing detergent in warm water (DO NOT use solvents) to remove dust, salt, and other deposits. Rinse surfaces with clean water after cleaning to remove residue.


Use a commercial window washing solution or mild soap and water. Uniformly spray or apply the cleaning solution with a soft, grit-free, cloth sponge or pad and Rinse thoroughly. The glass surface should then be wiped dry with a clean grit-free cloth or Squeegeed dry.

Stainless Steel

Use a non-abrasive cloth with warm water for general cleaning. For removing fingerprints, use any glass cleaning products. Towel dry after cleaning to prevent water spotting. Ensuring it is Chloride free, Stainless steel cleaner is acceptable.

For multi-storey or multi-level applications, there are a number of benefits to frameless balustrading;

  • Can be top mounted via base plate using chemical stud anchors
  • Commercial compliance rating of C3
  • Can be core drilled and grout fixed for a streamlined clean looking finish
  • Brings maximum light into your space
  • Unrestricted view
  • Modern stylish finish

Due to its C3 safety rating and versatility the Zurich Series is well suited to a range of applications, including;

  • Shopping centres
  • Retail
  • Multi-level high density residential
  • Architecturally designed buildings and homes
  • Primary schools and high schools
  • Government buildings – such as hospitals, outdoor public venues and recreations areas
  • Universities
  • Restaurants
  • Aged care facilities

Metallurgical testing is carried out on our materials to ensure quality.

This product complies with all relevant Australian Standards and Building Codes of Australia requirements.

Each of our products are tested to comply with NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia) certification.

Contact us for technical specifications for this product.

Polishing of any type improves the texture, appearance and consistency of stainless steel.


Colours can be chosen from all leading powder manufacturers.

Super Durable Polyester Thermosetting Powder Coating to comply with Australian Standard AS 3715, AAMA 2603 and AAMA 2604

Guaranteed performance on appropriately pre-treated aluminium and steel with excellent colour retention, super durable finish and on-trend anodised flat finish.

Stainless steel

  • Mirror polish (#8)
  • Satin finish (#4)
  • Mill finish
  • Electropolished

Mirror polish

Polishing of any type improves the texture, appearance and consistency of stainless steel. In the case of mirror polish, it creates a surface with a brilliant shine.

The metal is pre-ground to remove defects and then bright buffed to bring out a smooth reflective finish that shines even with the least bit of light.

The benefit of the mirror finish is that it also improves corrosion resistance. Further, mirror finish eliminates crevices, where corrosive particles deposit themselves.

Satin polish

A satin finish lacks the brilliant sheen of a mirror polish. The finish has a consistent brushed surface with the added benefit of fingerprints and marks being less visible. This finish is recommended for high traffic areas.

Mill Finish

A mill finish is a semi dull/semi reflective finish. It resembles a hazy mirror, with some reflection and is ideal for heavy traffic surfaces.


Electropolishing removes a microscopically precise layer of surface material, to tolerances as low as +/-.0001”, depending on the alloy.

Electropolishing is a one-step process for a micro-smooth, ultraclean, corrosion and pathogen-resistant surface finish – with 30 times more corrosion resistance than passivation

Electropolishing also eliminates the need for additional metal finishing processes like hand deburring, tumbling, pickling and cleaning.

Star Metal stands by the products we manufacture and install.

We provide a standard 5-year warranty on materials and finishes, with a 5-year installation warranty from the date of installation.

Star Metal has proven track record of delivering significant and often complex architectural metalwork packages to schedule and to a high standard.

Did you know that we also provide end-to-end delivery of a wide range of industrial metalwork projects?

Our expertise includes electrical switchboard cabinets, playground equipment components, a diverse architectural metalwork scope within commercial construction, sophisticated perforating capability, and general custom metalwork.

Star Metal has the depth of project experience on diverse projects with which to help you:

Identify the areas of cost reduction within your project.

Provide pre-fabrication advice to save time and materials…. because we know what works.

Provide advice on design & enable virtual walkthrough of 3D model prior to manufacture.

Have a enquiry or need a unique solution? Let us help you.

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