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Automated electric gates give you quick access and easy control over the coming and going of people and cars onto the property, as well as providing an added layer of protection. Keeping intruders out, ensuring privacy and protection against security threats as well as bringing peace of mind are all key benefits to installing a secure access point to your property.

Star Metal design striking custom architectural gates and can offer a stunning diversity of gate profiles, including perforated aluminium or stainless steel patterns, mesh, vertical steel infill timber.  Choose from one of these tailored solutions to brings a wow factor to the property entrance.

Our range of automated gates are specifically designed to deal with issues relating to uneven surfaces and where ducts and underground services need to be avoided, and provide the minimal clearance without affecting the visual impact. With a heavy-duty full-length ground fixed track, our range of automated gates are robust and reliable delivering excellent performance that you can rely on for daily use. All our automatic gates are fitted with safety devices to fully comply with all Australian Standards and building codes.

Standard - automated swing gates

Our swing gate automated system can be added to any type of gate. Electric gates with a swing motion;

  • Require a considerably greater footprint than sliding gates.
  • Operate most effectively on flat ground.
  • Are generally a more cost-effective option than sliding gates, due to their simpler automation system.
  • Have motors that are rated for the various sizes and weights of each custom-built gate.

We can advise you on an automation system which is powerful enough, but with the required safety features to give you piece of mind about your property’s security. 

Pivot hinge - automated swing gates

An alternative to a traditional automated swing gate with added features;

  • Utilising its pivot hinge the gate can open either outward OR inward, providing a greater option for the flow of traffic into a premise.
  • The pivot hinge is fully integrated into the top and bottom of the gate.
  • Hidden below the finished floor level the motor offers a streamlined aesthetic finish.
  • Concealed nature of the motor allows for maximum gate length for the available open area.

Sliding gates

Our sliding electric cantilever and tracked automatic gate systems are available in various heights and lengths to suit your gate requirements.

Sliding gates are more secure than swing gates as they provide more resistance to forced entry.

As sliding gates track the fence-line, they use minimal additional space and allow vehicles and pedestrians to access the property safely and easily.

Telescopic gates

The most common Telescopic Gate design includes adjacent panels that slide on parallel floor fixed tracks, allowing the simultaneous movement of all panels (usually two or three). During the opening phase, the panels open to completely overlap one another. Each panel is on a separate track with this option available in track mounted or cantilevered.

  • Telescopic gates allow double or triple the opening width from half or one third the space.
  • This is ideal for areas with limited sliding width (or swing depth), telescopic gates provide customers with the ability to install electric gates into an otherwise incompatible location.
  • For example, if you have a four-metre opening but only two and a half metres of run off area, there is simply no way to install a standard sliding gate. A telescopic gate will allow the four metres of gate to slide neatly within the two and a half metre run off area.
  • Telescopic gates combine the practicality and contemporary appearance of standard sliding gates whilst offering several key advantages. Having two or more telescoping gate sections moving in concert allows the gate to open and close much faster than a single leaf sliding unit.
  • Telescopic gates will require more frequent routine maintenance.

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