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At Star Metal, we provide the exceptional service we’d expect to experience ourselves.

At Star Metal we’re here to build a great company, with great people and deliver great results for you. We work as a team to find smart solutions to your metalwork projects. We’re all about thinking differently.

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  • Overcome design issues with your project
  • Provide a 3D model of your project to enable straightforward client approvals.
  • Explore a career at Star Metal; Learn about jobs, apprenticeships or get in touch with a Star Metal representative.

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    Did you know that we also provide end-to-end delivery of a wide range of industrial metalwork projects?

    Our expertise includes electrical switchboard cabinets, playground equipment components, a diverse architectural metalwork scope within commercial construction, sophisticated perforating capability, and general custom metalwork.

    Star Metal has the depth of project experience on diverse projects with which to help you:

    Identify the areas of cost reduction within your project.

    Provide pre-fabrication advice to save time and materials…. because we know what works.

    Provide advice on design & enable virtual walkthrough of 3D model prior to manufacture.

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